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Initial access on perimeter services is back in vogue. Growing automated and targeted attacks are increasing the cyber risk for organizations, and current defender approaches are neither effective nor efficient in addressing them. Traditional third-party threat intelligence approaches cannot provide the targeted attack visibility that defenders need—but honeypots can.

While honeypots programs have struggled in the past, advances in infrastructure automation, network traffic shaping, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are changing the game, enabling defenders to stand up large, advanced honeypot networks.

In this report, cybersecurity deception and analysis experts Andrew Morris and boB Rudis break down the evolving threat landscape, explore new requirements for threat intelligence, and lay out a honeypot maturity model and defender checklist that offers security leaders and practitioners a path forward to the insights needed to defeat the current wave of attackers.

Download your copy now and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.