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Honeypots are a widely-known defender technology. They offer a unique opportunity to see what attackers are actually doing in real time, before extensive retrospective work on an actual incident. And as targeted attacks increase, the threat intelligence value of honeypots continues to grow. But many organizations struggle or fail to implement honeypot programs.

Why? From challenging deployments to difficult maintenance, there are many reasons why honeypot programs have not been more widely adopted. Fortunately, new technology is changing the game: with lightweight deployment, effective use of AI, and expert partnerships, honeypots are ready for prime time.

In this webinar we:

  • Review the challenges that have kept honeypots out of the hands of defenders
  • Explore the changing threat landscape and how it makes honeypots more valuable than ever
  • Discuss the alignment between targeted and global intelligence in driving detection and response activity
  • Explain the new capabilities and approaches making honeypots available to those who need them
Watch this webinar to learn more about the evolving role of honeypots in cybersecurity and to understand how these tools can strengthen your defense strategy against emerging threats.